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This landing page provides information on NanoCool™, Shuttle™ and DeepFreeze™ temperature controlled shipping boxes.

NanoCool™ shippers utilize easy to use, yet advanced evaporative cooling technology to manufacture high-performance 2-8°C shipping systems. Choose from a variety of refrigerated shipping systems from 42 to 96 hours to ensure protection of health care products and laboratory samples.

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Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Easily portable, NanoCool 2-8°C systems arrive ready to activate and ship. There’s no need to freeze and condition gel packs (or worry about whether gel packs have been conditioned or packed correctly).

Easy As 1

1. Open box, remove cooling engine and place silver foil side down on a flat surface. Push straight down on the activation button.

Easy As 2

2. Notice the NanoCool logo turning blue between 30 seconds and 3 minutes indicating cooling has begun. Confirm by touching the surface of the cooling engine near the activation button.

Easy As 3

3. Load product into the payload compartment, replace the cooling engine, close the box and tape shut prior to shipping.

NanoCool FAQs

How long does it take the NanoCool system to cool down to a refrigerated temperature?

The cooling plate of the NanoCool system will cool from ambient to 5ºC in five minutes. 

How should the NanoCool system be packed?

If adding a temperature monitor, keep it as near to your product as possible. Do not allow it to touch the cooling engine and avoid placing it in the corners. Remember that, depending on the packout, product and monitor can move during shipment.

As with all cooling elements, there can be some modest condensation on the cooling engine. If product protection against condensation is desired, two common approaches are to place your product into a plastic bag or place absorbent material on top of your product.

How long will the NanoCool system cool my product?

It depends on which system you have. System durations range from 48 to 96 hours. Please see brochures for Universal Systems and Cooling Systems.

Are NanoCool systems pre-qualified?

Each size and type of NanoCool system has been tested to demonstrate its thermal performance and durability. Qualification reports are available upon request.

What is the NanoCool 2-8ºC universal system?

These systems protect against heat like other NanoCool cooling systems while also providing superior protection against cold weather. They are designed for all season use.

What is the useful life of the NanoCool system?

NanoCool systems have a two year expiry from date of manufacture. The expiry date can be found on the outside front panel of the outer carton of the system.

Is the NanoCool system reusable?

The cooling engine can be used only once.

NanoCool Universal Systems are designed for single-use shipments. However, the insulation box of the Universal System can be used up to three times (the initial use and then two reuses) provided that the boxes are re-inspected and reconditioned properly. To recondition the insulation box of the Universal System, remove the used cooling engine and store at 22°C or above for 72 hours.

The insulation box of Cooling Systems can be reused four times within its two year expiry date. Replacement cooling lids can be ordered separately.

How do you dispose of the NanoCool system?

All components of the NanoCool system are made from benign materials that have no extraordinary disposal rating. Dispose of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. For more details about the components, including SDS information, please request a Product Data Sheet.

Are there any special storage requirements for NanoCool systems?

Because there are no gel packs, and no need to refrigerate or freeze anything, NanoCool packaging can be stored at normal warehouse temperatures.

What is the NanoCool cooling technology?

With this on-demand evaporative cooling technology, a small amount of water at low pressure evaporates over days of operation, giving seven times the cooling power of melting ice. NanoCool’s active cooling process adjusts to variations in ambient temperature in a way that conventional cooling systems cannot.

How are the NanoCool systems activated?

Open the system, remove the cooling engine and place silver foil side down on a clean, hard, flat surface. With your thumb, push straight down on the button. Between 30 seconds and 3 minutes the NanoCool logo turns blue, indicating the cooling has begun. Load product in the chamber, replace cooling engine snugly, close the container and tape it shut.

How can I tell whether the NanoCool system has been activated?

Depending on the ambient temperature, the NanoCool logo should turn blue between 30 seconds and 3 minutes after activation. The blue indicates that the cooling action has begun which can be confirmed by touching the surface of the cooler near the button. Storage of the NanoCool in a cold environment (below 15°C/59°F) can cause the NanoCool logo to turn blue before activation. Placing NanoCool in a room temperature environment (21°C/70°C) for 15 minutes will reverse the color (make the label clear again).