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The Series numbering system for Peli BioThermal™ products indicates the thermal control freeze point of the Phase Change Material (PCM).

  • Series 22 has a freeze point of 22˚C and manages controlled room temperatures.
  • Series 4 has a freeze point of 4˚C and manages refrigerated temperatures.
  • Series 20M has a freeze point of minus 20˚C and manages frozen temperatures.
  • Series 50M has a freeze point of -50˚C and manages deep frozen temperatures.

The last digits in the product name reference the payload capacity and duration. In this example, Series 4 12 96, the product has a 2-8˚C temperature range, a 12 liter capacity and maintains the temperature range for up to 96 hours.

Actual duration performance may vary + \ - from duration stated based on container size, your actual payload volume and the ambient profile tested against.

Coolant Types


Water based coolant contained within a Bric or bag is chilled or frozen and used as a coolant. Simple to use, water is ideal for short durations and for product which isn’t affected by changes in ambient temperature. Durations are determined by testing against Peli BioThermal controlled lane profile.


Phase Change Material (PCM) contained within a Bric or TIC panel is ideal for longer durations or more challenging shipping lanes, giving the maximum protection to your product and helping to eliminate excursions. Durations are determined by testing against ISTA 7D profile.

Payload Volume