Dry Ice Parcel

NanoCool DeepFreeze

Dry Ice Parcel

The NanoCool dry ice parcel products are ideal for frozen shipments that utilise high-performance VIP panels to protect the payload allowing for the use of less dry ice. These shippers are more cost-effective and easier to pack-out compared to other N2 frozen shipping products.

Key Features

  • Utilises less dry ice to reduce freight costs
  • Requires less storage space
  • Small footprint and low CO2 output
  • Advances insulation eliminates re-icing costs
  • Overall lower transportation costs
  • -65°C and -20°C products
  • Duration from up to 96 hours to beyond 200 hours
  • Environmentally friendly: Less CO2 output, less waste
  • DeepFreeze™ insulated shippers include a spacer and inner payload box keeping product at desired temperatures

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