Thermal Covers

Transit protection begins here

Protecting your valuable cargo from the elements is vitally important, especially when consignments can be waiting on the tarmac at busy airports or transit facilities for hours on end, in extreme heat or cold conditions.

Our thermal barrier systems enclose the palletised product to provide an additional thermal environment, that passively manages product temperature during storage and transport.

Our InsulCap® thermal covers are designed by Wilpak Group International, who specialise in providing protection, whatever the weather or Global location. We offer a range of custom InsulCap® pallet covers, which means you can choose the cover type which best suits your needs.

InsulPlatinum® Plus barrier is a heavy duty large air cylinder material which offers maximum protection for temperature sensitive goods

InsulGold@ our mid range cover, offering a high degree of protection for general use

InsulPrime® barrier is a general-purpose material at a affordable price.