Crēdo™ on Reserve

Longer Term Rental for Predictable Usage Needs

Our longer term rental program, offering a dedicated inventory of temperature controlled packaging for longer periods, usually two years or more, while paying for a minimum number of trips during that period and a fixed rate for each trip beyond that minimum. Service fees for refurbishment and repair are included for the duration of the period.


  • Flexibility for longer term and predictable usage needs
  • Dedicated assets fully customized to meet your requirements
  • Worry free management of the reverse logistics and refurbishment activities carried out in our global service centers and managed by our team of experts
  • No upfront capital investment – we own and manage the Crēdo Cube™ assets

PLEASE NOTE:- The newest version of Credo Cargo, launched in February 2022, may be rented and shipped worldwide.  Until preceding versions of Credo Cargo have been retrofitted with new safety and security features, they may not be rented for trip origin or destination in Germany.