Crēdo™ on Demand

Rely on Us to Solve Your Bulk Rental Challenges

Crēdo™ on Demand is a globally available, high-performance, flexible, cost-effective cold chain shipping rental program using our passive temperature controlled packaging – Crēdo™ Cargo bulk shippers and Crēdo Xtreme™ full stack pallets. Flexible daily and monthly rental rates are standard when picked up from and dropped off at Peli BioThermal locations worldwide.


  • Global availability at convenient pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Ability to conserve cash for other projects
  • Flexibility to meet business needs on short notice
  • Worry-free management of reverse logistics and refurbishment activities carried out in our global service centers and managed by our team of experts
  • Additional optional services available

PLEASE NOTE:-  The newest version of Credo Cargo, launched in February 2022, may be rented and shipped worldwide.  Until preceding versions of Credo Cargo have been retrofitted with new safety and security features, they may not be rented for trip origin or destination in Germany.