Rentals and Leasing

Introducing Flexible Bulk Rental and Leasing Programs

Renting a passive temperature controlled shipping container from Peli BioThermal gives the flexibility to choose the service and application that best suits your requirements, logistics profile and budget.

Peli BioThermal offers two, highly customizable programs

Crēdo™ on Demand, a short term rental program and Crēdo™ on Reserve, a flexible, longer term program, usually for periods of two years or more. Both programs are supported by a comprehensive global network, offering easy implementation, the ability to monitor outbound shipment, return receipt, inspection and refurbishment. Replacement of damaged or expired components is also available via our service centers.

The following products are available on:

Credo On Demand -  Crēdo™ Cargo, Crēdo Xtreme™ and Crēdo Cube™
Credo On Reserve -  Crēdo Cube™ and Crēdo™ Go

Our rental and leasing options allow you to choose the application that best fits your company’s requirements, logistics profile and budget. Our temperature controlled shippers provide industry-leading thermal performance technology paired with flexible cold chain shipping rental options.  Our rental programs help lower your cost-per-use, while experiencing the industry's highest payload volume efficiency and lowest distribution costs.

Contact Peli BioThermal to discuss which cold chain shipping rental program best fits your business needs.