Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice

Offering superior dry ice protection in a reusable, convenient, mid-size shipper, the Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice is a passive temperature controlled shipper qualified to hold deep frozen (-60°C and below) medical materials at a safe temperature for up to five days.

VIPs (vacuum insulated panels) reduce the requirement to re-ice during transit and can extend duration over traditional EPS Dry Ice shippers. Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice is reusable, which gives excellent ROI and can help reach life science organization's sustainability goals.

Part of the market-leading Crēdo Cube™ product family, Crēdo Cube™ Dry Ice is available in 2 sizes, 5L and 17L and is qualified to ISTA7D profiles.

Temperature Range
Crēdo Cube™ 5L
Sub -65°C
5.00 L
144.0 h
Crēdo Cube™ 17L
Sub -65°C
17.00 L
144.0 h

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