Commercial Pharmaceutical

Increasing Complexity Drives Greater Need for Temperature Control

Bringing a commercial product to market is no small feat. You find yourself navigating new challenges not seen in drug discovery or clinical trials. Whether working with small molecule or large molecule biologic drugs that require even more precise temperature control, Peli BioThermal offers bulk solutions that protect payloads ranging from sub -65 degrees Celsius to ambient room temperature.

Let your team do what they do best, and leave the cold chain to us.

While your team is focused on this new challenge of delivering pharmaceutical products to patients, Peli BioThermal is ready to help manage your temperature controlled packaging inventory from beginning to end — conditioning, reverse logistics and refurbishment. We utilize reusable thermal packaging systems that significantly reduce your carbon footprint as you begin to ship products in high volumes.

Crēdo™ Go Stack

Commercial Pharmaceutical Products

Credo Cube for Extreme conditions
Crēdo Cube™
Reusable Parcel
PCM Coolant
Dry Ice Coolant
Sub -18°C
Sub -30°C
Sub -65°C