Peli BioThermal's innovative single-use and reusable thermal packaging products are used are by leading global life science industry companies and organisations in pharmaceuticals, biotech, laboratory, diagnostics, and military/government sectors to protect and safely transport their most critical temperature-sensitive tissues, biologics, diagnostic, devices and vaccines. We offer the most diverse and trusted selection of cold chain packaging solutions, worldwide manufacturing and service centers staffed by cold chain engineering experts and provide an easy-to-use, web-based asset management service that allows organisations to track individual shipments from start to finish while setting up automated reminders for key logistics processes.

The quality of pharmaceutical products has a direct effect on patient safety and the efficacy of patient therapies. Peli BioThermal products protect your life-saving technologies from costly temperature excursions. 

Peli BioThermal can ensure the integrity of your payload, reduce your distribution costs, streamline your logistics and provide the industry’s only sustainable temperature-controlled logistics solution.

Peli BioThermal provides a full range of temperature-controlled packaging modular package shippers, soft-sided transport bags and hard-sided coolers — including single use and reusable containers — to ensure the integrity of life saving payloads.

Blood banks, hospitals, EMT personnel and first responders know the importance of protecting valuable blood supplies and medicines. When transporting life-saving materials, a temperature excursion can mean the difference between life and death.

The award-winning Original Golden Hour™ technology was developed to protect troops’ lives on the base and the front battlefield in the harshest of environments and climates.