Expansion of Conditioning to Include Single Use PCM Coolants

CoolGuard Advance

Coolant conditioning services take the stress out of unforeseen circumstances

Each year, it seems, the global pharmaceutical industry is poised for significant growth. The pharmaceutical market size value in 2021 is $486.62 billion with revenue forecasted to reach $957.59 billion in 2028. In the last few years, drug approvals have increased, surpassing 50 approvals annually in the United States. And these trends are expected to continue over the next decade as new technologies emerge, regulatory frameworks evolve, and merger and acquisition activity encourages further consolidation.

Efficiencies allow pharmaceutical companies to focus on their core business

The drive to focus on drug discovery creates growth in outsourcing. Outsourcing minimizes investments, reduces overall drug development costs, increases efficiency in manufacturing and helps comply with regulatory requirements. It also pushes pharmaceutical companies to look for efficiencies--whether through outsourcing or improvements to internal processes.

Peli BioThermal continues to expand both products and services that allow pharmaceutical companies to manage their core business--developing pharmaceutical products. Recently, we announced new service offerings that support customers who use single use products. Peli BioThermal has long offered the option to condition TIC™ coolants for reusable products worldwide, but now also offers this service for single use products such as CoolPall™ Flex single use bulk shippers and CoolGuard™ Advance single use parcel shippers.

A flexible solution to match any cold chain operation

Companies can choose offsite conditioning at Peli BioThermal service centers located across the world or onsite conditioning at their own location. For onsite conditioning, our team provides freezers or refrigerators and the inventory of TIC™ or BRIC coolants required by each customer. Offsite TIC™ and BRIC coolant conditioning helps customers who do not have the facilities, equipment or staff to condition their temperature controlled packaging on site.

Regardless of whether a company chooses onsite or offsite conditioning, there’s no need for late night worries. With more than 80 locations strategically placed in pharmaceutical hubs and high-traffic shipping lanes, we’re always close enough to help. Temperature controlled packaging solutions are ready, even when unexpected circumstances arise.