Crēdo ProMed™

Credo Promed

Thermally protected medical transporters

Designed specifically for the needs of air ambulance crews, first responders and Pharmaceutical reps, the Crēdo ProMed™ product line currently consists of three different sized temperature-controlled portable medical transport bags that thermally protect the integrity of medical supply payloads and pharmaceutical samples for 72 - 96 hours.

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For a Piece of Cake

Using our Crēdo ProMed™, Chiara Ricciardi and Riccardo Rocchi bicycled almost 11,000 miles from Cesena, Italy to Singapore in their effort, called For a Piece of Cake. Chiara has type 1 diabetes and, while their ride seems like a difficult endeavor to any of us, Chiara’s added health obstacle caused her to depend on the rugged and reliable Crēdo ProMed™ container strapped to her bike storing her insulin for a year, which was a lifeline to her goal. Chiara noted that during the trip, she was only using 60% of the daily amount of insulin she was injecting before leaving Italy. The regular cycling drastically reduced from 45/50 units per day to 20/30 units!

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Great North Air Ambulance

The Great Northern Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) recently took the Crēdo ProMed™ to trial when looking for ways to safely transport blood and platelets in an emergency.

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Great North Air Ambulance ProMed