Managing the Return of Reusable Shippers

When utilizing reusable shippers, getting the containers back is critical not just to avoid delays in shipping your products to the patients who need them but also to your bottom line as one pharma company found when it discovered it has a large number of shippers sitting at its delivery location in Asia.

UPS has announced a new reusable and returnable system called Loop™.

The Loop™ is designed to eliminate the reliance on single-use packaging for consumer goods. Consumers will be offered a variety of products in customized, brand specific, durable packaging that is delivered direct, collected, cleaned, refilled, and redelivered. The Loop will be testing in Paris and New York prior to full implementation.

Two Options are Better than One

Did you know that we offer two different rental shippers to meet your temperature controlled packaging needs? Yes you heard that right. We have our Crēdo Xtreme and Crēdo Cargo products.

Crēdo ProMed saved John’s Life

John was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that may have claimed his life. Learn how the Crēdo ProMed provided him with the lifesaving plasma he needed for a full recovery.

Bridging the Gap with CoolPall Flex

A common gap within the world of temperature controlled packaging is that there hasn't been a solution that is flexible enough to meet the configuration needed by the customer to protect the payload without breaking the bank.  Peli BioThermal has created a solution to meet the needs of the customer by allowing them to fully configure their shipper to meet specific shipping and performance requirements with our Coo

Growing Number of Network Stations and Drop Points Substantially Increases Convenience and Flexibility for Customers Worldwide

Peli BioThermal, the global name in temperature controlled packaging, announced its global network continues to rapidly expand under the leadership of Dominic Hyde, vice president of Crēdo™ on Demand.

One year on since his appointment, Hyde has overseen significant developments within the expanding rental program and the company’s growing, global footprint of network stations and drop points.

What Lies Ahead in 2019? Continued Change for the Cold Chain

The cold chain for life sciences continues to undergo seismic change. In 2018, we saw an ongoing shift in the approach pharmaceutical manufacturers take to putting life-saving drugs in the hands of clinicians and patients. In turn, many logistics companies had to adjust their approach to shipping to ensure the cold chain continued to meet the demands of customers’ evolving needs.