Services Meet the Needs of the Changing Pharmaceutical Landscape

Nov 18, 2021

Over the past two years, our Peli BioThermal team witnessed a shift in how pharmaceutical companies manage cold chain operations. Many companies now outsource their entire cold chain or desire ready-to-go solutions that make it easy for their teams to quickly and reliably deliver products around the globe.

Our growing list of services support the evolving pharmaceutical landscape. And a bonus: our strategically placed global network with nearly 90 locations means you have access to our team in key markets and shipping lanes across the world.

Here are a few new services Peli BioThermal offers:

GxP Services
For customers who manage their own cold chain operations, we offer onsite GMP/GDP compliant conditioning refrigerators and freezers, plus an inventory of coolants, for our temperature controlled shippers. This service eliminates worries related to unforeseen circumstances that require last-minute shipping.

Replenishment Services
Peli BioThermal has long provided pre-conditioned reusable temperature controlled packaging for customers. Now single-use packaging customers also have the option to have ready-to-use frozen, refrigerated or ambient BRIC coolants delivered to their doorsteps.

Our engineering team analyzes customer projects, schedule, product stability, transit mode, duration requirements, required thresholds and ambient temperature. They then collaborate with your team to develop a solution that meets your requirements. And for customers who want to keep their brand top-of-mind, we offer co-branding options for our temperature controlled packaging.

Visit our website for a full list of services, and reach out if there are other ways we can help.