Peli BioThermal Launches Updated Website

Sep 28, 2021

Peli BioThermal is constantly evolving to best meet the needs of our customers. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new website that was designed with you in mind. Our simplified site makes it easy to find thermal packaging solutions and resources you need to support your business from drug discovery through distribution of commercial products. 
It’s organized into six top-level categories that will help you get your questions answered and needs met efficiently:

  • Products: Outlines product families for single-use and reusable bulk and parcel shippers and also includes an enhanced product configurator tool that offers the best solution based on user-selected temperature range, payload volume and duration requirements.
  • Markets: Offers product solutions based on market segments, as well as insights into the importance of temperature control for each market.
  • Rentals: Highlights key features of the Crēdo™ on Demand and Crēdo™ on Reserve rental programs.
  • Services: Provides insights into off-the-shelf and custom solutions in engineering and design, asset management, thermal testing and consultation, all offered globally with consistent excellence.
  • Resources: Shares information about Peli BioThermal products and services in action, in-depth education on cold chain-related topics and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • About Us: Captures company history and the latest news and events.

In the coming weeks, the website will include translations into 6 different languages: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. 
Explore our new site at