Meet our Distributors: Veritas Biomedical

Nov 4, 2021

Our nearly 30 distributors worldwide are integral to bringing cold chain solutions to your doorstep and ensuring your most valuable products make it safely to their final destination. Each distributor serves an emerging pharmaceutical market, established market or high-traffic shipping lane. You have Peli BioThermal support across the globe. Join us as we continue our journey to meet our distributor network. Next up: Veritas Biomedical in Taiwan. 

Cold chain logistics is a growing industry in Taiwan, especially as the pandemic continues and demand for safe ways to ship vaccines continues to expand. Taiwan is the leader in cold chain logistics in Southeast Asia with developing technologies, energy and cost efficient infrastructure, and holistic services. As the industry expands, Veritas Biomedical aims to increase the quality and efficiency of biomedical cold chain supply with the support of Peli BioThermal products. 

Veritas Biomedical is a new addition to Taiwan’s cold chain industry, started by experienced pharma business professionals in May 2021. Veritas Biomedical offers cold chain packaging and logistic services, biomedical material development, AI stroke diagnostic technology and neuro-immunology lab services. They serve both logistic and clinical demand, and aim to support Taiwan customers with the same services available at Peli BioThermal’s global service centers. 

  • Veritas Biomedical plans to offer the following Peli BioThermal services:
  • Temperature controlled shipping container sales 
  • Pre-conditioning for TIC™ coolants
  • Technical and validation services
  • Rentals
  • Domestic and export temperature control support

Veritas Biomedical is the process of launching a new website that will help customers find the best products for their needs.

Veritas Biomedical Company