Integrating IT Solutions into the Supply Chain

Aug 12, 2021

As pharmaceutical companies develop more complex and temperature-sensitive drugs, there’s growing demand to integrate IT solutions into the supply chain. The goal: protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive, high-value payloads during transportation.

Transparency of location, temperature history and any access to the payload space are the types of data pharmaceutical companies hope to track. Additionally, innovation, IT integration and new technologies to enhance supply chain monitoring and remote tracking are proving pivotal to support adherence to GDP (Good Distribution Practice) regulations within cold chain logistics.

These technologies are crucial in addition to the continuous evolution of smart temperature controlled packaging protecting pharmaceutical payloads globally. But the addition of new and existing technologies must be done while mitigating costs, managing and tracking assets within a complex cold chain closed loop logistics system, meeting stringent global regulatory standards and navigating complicated global shipping lanes and unforeseen challenges.

In a recent issue of European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Adam Tetz, Director of Worldwide Marketing at Peli BioThermal, discusses the types of tracking devices available, their individual advantages and challenges and how they integrate with cold chain packaging solutions.

Airplane loading cargo