Distributor Spotlight: Cold Chain Packing and Logistics

Distributor Spotlight: Cold Chain Packing and Logistics

Cold Chain Packing and Logistics located in Saudi Arabia is a proud distribution partner of Peli BioThermal temperature-controlled shipping containers which include reusable parcel, single use parcel, as well as pallet shippers. 

Cold Chain Packing provides professional and customised supply chain solutions, with a combination of powerful technology and industry leading service. Their Pharma Care Team ensures their customers are getting the efficiency and dedication throughout their shipment life cycle. They have a unique understanding of both the challenges presented by the extreme local environment and the global compliance and regulatory frameworks that underpin the logistics industry.

“Peli BioThermal is leading the way in temperature-controlled packaging. By partnering with them it allows our company to leverage their extensive products for shipping valuable products around the world”, said Nabil Awan, CEO at Cold Chain Packing and Logistics. “We are thrilled to be able to offer Peli BioThermal products to the Middle East.”

Along with temperature-controlled products from Peli BioThermal, Cold Chain Packing also offers options for real-time temperature monitoring and data management of the supply chain.

For more information on Cold Chain Packing and Logistics, visit https://coldchainpacking.com/