Crēdo Cube™ Shippers go to Extremes

Nov 24, 2021

Peli BioThermal products are designed for extremes. To prove it, we went to extremes. Literally.

We put our Crēdo Cube™ passive, reusable shipper to the test in the two most challenging climates--the Mojave Desert in California and space. The Mojave Desert temperature ranges from an average of 34.5°C (94.1°F) in the hottest month of the summer to an average low temperature of 3.2°C (37.8°F) in the heart of winter. And when we launched the Crēdo Cube™ shipper into space, the temperature was as low as -63°C (-81.4°F).

Curious about how the Crēdo Cube™ shipper performed? We won’t spoil the ending. Check out the video below.

Credo Cube for Extreme conditions