CoolGuard™ Shippers Replace Chronos Brand

CoolGuard™ Shippers Replace Chronos Brand

CoolGuard™ Advance

We are excited to announce the new CoolGuard™ line of shippers to replace Chronos Express, which will become CoolGuard™ PCM, and Chronos Advance will become CoolGuard™ Advance.

CoolGuard™ shippers’ components are well designed and robust, therefore they could potentially be used for multiple trips if inspected properly. This makes CoolGuard™ shippers an affordable option by spreading their initial capital investment out over several trips.

In addition, multiple trips make the CoolGuard™ shippers a more resource-friendly product by eliminating shippers going into recycling and waste steams after their first journey. The CoolGuard™ shippers are made of components that can be recycled or easily placed in the waste steam making them more eco-friendly.

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