Distributor Spotlight: BioThermal SA

BioThermal SA is a proud distributor of Pelican BioThermal products to the South Africa and Africa markets. Established in 2020, BioThermal SA’s main goal is to offer products that provide peace of mind when transporting valuable temperature-controlled products.

Sustainability is at the Core of our Organization

At Pelican Products, we have already distinguished our company for excellence in product development and as a leading manufacturer of multi-use products. We create durable, reliable products that last a lifetime, thereby reducing our ecological impact. We have taken significant steps to enhance our sustainability practices and policies, and are working diligently to do more.

Delivering Blood to the Front Lines

Peli BioThermal offers a variety of products using the Golden Hour™ technology to provide lifesaving blood to the battlefield safely, no matter the distance or extreme conditions.

CoolGuard™ Advance Packing

Our single-use CoolGuard™ Advance 56Land 96L shippers are fast and easy to pack-out. Watch the video.