Peli BioThermal BBQ

We celebrated an outstanding accomplishment at Peli BioThermal with an all employee picnic last week.

CoolGuard™ Range to replace Chronos Shippers

We recently announced the rebranding of our award-winning Chronos products as the CoolGuard™ range. The newly named shipped will replace Chronos Express, which will become CoolGuard™ PCM, and Chronos Advance will become CoolGuard™ Advance.

For a Piece of Cake

Watch the amazing story of two cyclists who traveled from Italy to Singapore with the help of our temperature controlled Crēdo ProMed to store insulin safely along their journey.

Where It All Started

The Original Golden Hour was the product that started it all for Pelican BioThermal in 2003. The military had a need for a product that could transport blood and platelets to the soldiers in the field when they needed it the most. This life saving technology was validated by receiving the Army’s Greatest Invention Award in 2003.

Dublin Network Station & Service Center Now Open

We recently opened a new network station and service center in Dublin, Ireland to service, refurbish, repair and condition the Crēdo of Demand shippers. The Crēdo on Demand rental program provides a flexible rental option for temperature controlled containers such as Crēdo Cargo, Crēdo™ Xtreme and Crēdo™ Cube.

3 Tech Trends That Could Improve Air Cargo Shipping In The Pharma Supply Chain

There are many expectations for prociding solutions that address the challenges with infomration flow across the air cargo supply chain. The three technology trends highlighted below could possibly help mitigate airfreight logistics risks, reduce costs related to transportation issues and/or temperature excursions and, most importantly, help manufacturers deliver high-quality drugs safely and on time.

Managing the Return of Reusable Shippers

When utilizing reusable shippers, getting the containers back is critical not just to avoid delays in shipping your products to the patients who need them but also to your bottom line as one pharma company found when it discovered it has a large number of shippers sitting at its delivery location in Asia.