Crēdo™ ORC Series 22

Crēdo™ ORC Series 22

Operating room container designed to safely and efficiently store platelets during surgery. Maintains the FDA-required storage temperature so that unused platelets may be returned to supply. Blood banks, hospitals, emergency medical services and military organizations know the importance of protecting valuable blood supplies. When transporting materials that can mean the difference between life and death, a solution that ensures precise thermal control is essential so contents arrive intact, with the ability to be seamlessly reinstated into inventory.

This reusable, iceless container simplifies preparation and maintenance in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Whether transporting platelets, RBC’s, FFP, cord blood as well as blood products for surgical and EMT purposes, Crēdo™ thermal protection containers offer the safest and most reliable temperature-control transport solution enabling unrivaled passive thermal control.


Product FamilyReusable Parcel
Product SeriesSeries 22
Product TypeReusable
Payload Temperature RangeControlled Room Temp
Temperature Range20°C-24°C
Volume2 L / 127.5 ci
Duration CategoryShort Term (1-2 days)
Duration12.00 hours
Tare Weight9 lb
Payload Size Imperial6 × 5 × 4.25 in
Payload Size Metric152.4 × 127 × 108 mm
Outer Dimension13 × 9.5 × 8.5 in
Outer Dimension Metric330.2 × 241.3 × 215.9 mm

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