Crēdo Duracube™ Series 22 1696 HD

Crēdo Duracube™ Series 22 1696 HD

The Series 22 1696 HD Case is designed to accommodate transport of fragile and/or expensive, larger pharmaceutical shipments. This highly durable (HPX™ resin exterior) and secure thermal protection shipping case offers extended thermal protection duration and endurance of rigorous conditions. Coupled MTS’ patented TIC® System with encapsulated PCM (phase change material) and surrounded by vacuum insulated panels the DURACUBE HD product line protects critical payloads (1,000 cubic inches) for up to four days at a safe temperature range of 15° to 25°C. 

The case is ideal for mobile blood bank use, overseas shipping or any situation that requires rugged transport of delicate medical materials.

Product FamilyReusable Parcel
Product SeriesSeries 22
Product TypeReusable
Payload Temperature RangeControlled Room Temp
Temperature Range15°C-25°C
Volume16 L / 976 ci
Duration CategoryIntermediate (2-4 days)
Duration96.00 hours
Tare Weight45.2 lb
Payload Size Imperial10 × 10 × 10 in
Payload Size Metric254 × 254 × 254 mm
Outer Dimension21 × 21 × 19.25 in
Outer Dimension Metric538.48 × 533.4 × 501.65 mm

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