Crēdo Cube™ Series 22 10120

Crēdo Cube™ Series 22 10120

Superior thermal protection in a convenient mid-size container. Qualified to hold room-temperature medical materials such as platelets and bio-pharma products at a safe temperature for up to four days — ideal for reducing shipping costs or use when unexpected delays may occur. Modular TIC® walls with integrated phase-change material break down easily for simple storage and preconditioning in a 22ºC appliance. The Series 22 – 10120 Shipping System has a payload volume of approximately 10 liters (8.35” x 8.35” x 8.35”) and a tare weight of approximately 23.6 lbs. The container consists of a TIC with integrated PCM, a 1” VIP assembly and an outer corrugated container. The TIC system consists of six matching panels with beveled edges. The VIP assembly is made up of six panels that are encapsulated and assembled into a base with a lid. The outer corrugate container can be ordered in either corrugated plastic or cardboard. This test was conducted using a cardboard outer corrugated container. The outer dimensions of the container with the VIP assembly are 15.0” x 13.0” x 13.5”.

Product FamilyReusable Parcel
Product SeriesSeries 22
Product TypeReusable
Payload Temperature RangeControlled Room Temp
Temperature Range15°C-25°C
Volume10L / 610.23ci
Duration CategoryExtended Use (4+ days)
Duration120.00 hours
Tare Weight23.6 lb
Payload Size Imperial8.35 × 8.35 × 8.35 in
Payload Size Metric212.09 × 212.09 × 212.09 mm
Outer Dimension15 × 13 × 13.5 in
Outer Dimension Metric381 × 330.2 × 342.9 mm

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