15 Years of Critical Reliability from Original Golden Hour™ Mobile Blood Container

15 Years of Critical Reliability from Original Golden Hour™ Mobile Blood Container

15 Years of Critical Reliability

Saving Lives on the Front Line and Beyond

15th Anniversary of the Golden Hour Mobile Container

In 2003, the US Army issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to find a way to store blood and platelets to aid emergency medics saving lives on the battlefield. The request outlined a need for a reliable temperature controlled container that could be mobile as the medics rushed to save those critically wounded on the battlefield during the life or death first hour after injury, or the Golden Hour.

Pelican BioThermal responded to the Army’s RFP with the idea for the Golden Hour™ Mobile container – a design meant to easily carry up to four units of blood and store them at the correct temperature for up to 72 hours. They proceeded to not only win the bid, but also received the US Army’s Greatest Invention Award in 2003.

The technology developed in the Golden Hour Mobile not only benefited the US Military in being a rugged, transportable and reliable container, but has also gone on to be the base for developing other Pelican BioThermal products such as the Crēdo Cube, Crēdo ProMed and even bulk shippers like the Crēdo Cargo. Our products have expanded to cover not just military medic needs, but also civilians through emergency/critical care, clinical trials and pharmaceutical shipments.

We’re proud to recognize our company’s growth and ongoing partnership with the healthcare industry through building reliable and trustworthy shippers for lifesaving materials and we look forward to many more years of the same.

The Evolution of Golden Hour Technology

Crēdo™ Cargo System Tour

Even though the Original Golden Hour™ Mobile started off the size of a small shipper, the same proven technology and reliability has been applied to our largest bulk shipper yet, the Crēdo™ Cargo.

Take a tour of our high-performance reusable bulk shipper, Crēdo™ Cargo. This unit is available to rent only through the Crēdo™ On Demand rental program.

Protecting Lifesaving Blood Products During Air Ambulance Trial

The Great Northern Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) recently took the Crēdo™ ProMed to trial when looking for ways to safely transport blood and platelets in an emergency.

Credo ProMed Case Study

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